Teach Me Kiddo!!

Posted On December 7, 2012

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Quite frequently, we parents get caught up in the idea that we are the teachers and children just need to be taught. In my life experiences of raising kids, I can honestly say that my kids have taught me as much as I have taught them.  I can’t count the number of times my daughters and I were going somewhere and some idiot driver cuts me off or almost hits us and as I get ready to lose it and start gearing up for a tad bit of road rage, I look at my little girl singing to the radio with her smiley face and realize that allowing the other driver to ruin my time with her only hurts her and me so we’d both lose. So I suck it up, backed off on my hurriedness, swallow my pride, and enjoy the drive for what it truly should be, time to grow closer to my kids. I have just been taught patience by my 2 year old and all she did was sing and smile.

Then there is the whole new puppy incident. Take one small cute fluff ball that you have been promising to get the kids for a couple years and throw in house breaking and here is what you learn from a four year old. First, the pup is only 10 weeks old, I am trying to house break her and she just doesn’t get it! No matter what I do she runs in from outside and pees on the floor. So with my infinite wisdom I am going to teach this pup if it kills me or her (just kidding). So I pulled out the newspaper and proceed to teach her by scaring her into knowing that the floor is not the place to pee. Then out of the blue my four year old says “daddy did you have to use a newspaper on me to get me to potty train?” I looked at her and said no, of course not, you were just a two year old little girl; we worked with you over a period of time until you understood. So then with her four year old wisdom she says “Daddy, she is just a baby, I was 2 years old and she is only 10 weeks she will figure it out in time, like I did.” So with great conviction, I put the newspaper away and tell her she is absolutely right, her puppy just needs a little more time and to be a little older. Again my child has taught me patience and control.

I don’t know about any of you but there is not a day that goes by that I am not working on something in my life to better myself because of my kids. All the positions they put us in as parents, all the times they mimic our actions and words to give us a snapshot of what we look like, all the times they embarrass us in public. God uses these little bundles of joy and their inherent built in wisdom to show us our weaknesses, humble our hearts, slow us down, better us as parents and help mold us into being better people. Truth be told, it has taken me many years to learn these lessons, I think I am actually worse than the puppy that wouldn’t house break!! Thank God for my kids, they have been the true teachers in making me a better person, no matter how slow of a learner I am!


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